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When you are clicking any download button after convert process, you're redirect to an ads service. You will see a counter then wait must counter's done. After that, you should click the button one or two times then will redirect to download section. 


YTDownloader is a video converter and video downloader service for downloading videos or converting videos to other formats like mp3,mp4 etc. Download videos in just a few moments! We offer different formats so that you can listen or watch the videos you have downloaded on various devices with different operating systems. You can save these files on your devices for offline viewing after you download them.

YTDownloader is the best service you can have if you want to download videos from the internet. This free video downloader doesn’t waste your time with unnecessary steps and directs you right into the media downloader. You can choose whatever video you want and with YTDownloader you can download videos in high quality with extremely high conversion and download speeds. You can download unlimited amounts of videos on this online video downloader app.



Frequently Asked Questions

What video formats and resolutions does YTDownloader support?

YTDownloader supports downloading up to 1080p for other services and 4K for YouTube.

YTDownloader can convert any type of video format to MP4, AVI, WebM and 3GP.

Which audio formats does YTDownloader support?

YTDownloader can download mp3 videos with high bitrates.

How do I move/transfer the videos I download to my other devices?

You can use cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Mega. With these apps, you will be able to download any videos in your cloud storage service to your other devices.

Or you can just connect the device to your computer with a USB cable and transfer the data this way. Using external storage devices can work too.

Is downloading videos from legal?

Though it is not confirmed that downloading videos from YouTube is completely legal, there has not been a case where a person has been sued or banned for this type of action. It may even be legal in some cases where the downloading process fits the Terms of Service of YouTube and is considered as fair use of the content.


If a video has no copyright then it is completely legal to download. Otherwise we would like to advise you to take permission from the copyright owner to download the video. 

Can you download YouTube streams with YTDownloader?

After YouTube streams end, they transform into a video if the channel owner allows it. You can then follow the YouTube downloading steps to download those live streams/videos.




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